Terms and Conditions 2023

If you are selected to perform you will receive a fee:
Swedish solo performers will receive 1000 SEK, International solo performers will receive 1500 SEK, Swedish duos: 1300 SEK, International duos: 1700 SEK, Swedish Troupes: 1500 SEK and International troupes: 2000 SEK

Please note that the SFB does not cover any of your expenses in conjunction with the festival.

To be eligible for payment you must be able to invoice SBF for your fee within 21 days of performing.
Without an invoice within this time we can not pay you. SBF will pay you within 30 days of receiving the invoice (Swedish standard). 

You can apply with up to two acts per application: solos, troupes or duos. You should apply separately if you wish to enter as more than one entity (eg solo and troupe).

Terms and conditions
By sending in your application to SBF you agree that, should you be selected to perform, your name and promotional photographs may be used freely for press and promotional purposes in connection with the festival.

By appearing in one of the SBF shows you agree to being photographed and filmed on stage and in the venues without making any claims on the footage.

If you are selected to perform in one of the shows of the festival you must provide SBF with a proper invoice for your fee within 21 days after the festival in order to receive payment. You are responsible for making sure the invoice is complete and that it complies with the tax and business laws of your region.

If you are selected to perform you agree to promote the festival through the social media channels you have at least three weeks prior to the festival.

If you appear in one of the SBF shows, you agree to not perform the same routine/s in Stockholm for four weeks prior to, and two weeks following the festival.

If you receive an offer to perform in the festival you must commit and answer within five (5) days of receiving the “yes” e-mail, or your place will go to another applicant.

Extra information:

  • Please note that our venues can not facilitate or allow fire, aerial, glitter and confetti. And very limited liquid. (There is one type of confetti cannon that works, please talk to us about it)
  • The festival can not provide any rigging (pole, aerial etc).
  • There are strict rules and regulations in place in Sweden for the use of lasers in venues, where laser light over 1mW requires a specific license and professional usage. The use of lasers must be discussed and verified beforehand, not on the performance day.
  • Small Backstage – due to the changed cultural landscape and bad economical climate our venue backstage areas are small and fairly limited. We would appreciate if you would prepare as much as possible beforehand and co-operate with each other.
  • We do not offer any guestlist slots for friends or family.

What we offer:
In addition to the invoiced fee, we offer free entrance to both festival shows (standing), networking opportunities with an optional Thursday Meet and Greet as well as our informal and popular Performer Brunch on Sunday which is also optional. There will also be a merch table for the Saturday show, photos from the event, the possibility to buy performer videos for a good price and discounted workshops.

We have a policy of inclusion and diversity and do not tolerate bigotry or discrimination based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, mental illness or ability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, body characteristics, sex characteristics, religion, creed, or individual political opinions.