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Tassel Twirling Championship and breast cancer research benefit!

Participant information 2022

Octbooberfest is a light-hearted competition and charity gala event, in the best “sport” there is: tasseling! It is part of the stage art festival: The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival. Along with the gala segment on the event on Saturday October 1, it is also a month long campaign raising money for the Pink Ribbon organization with raffles, online collections and donations.


The competition Octbooberfest is held at 21.00 on Saturday October 1 at Nalen. It is the evenings first performance element.

Prizes will be given out in three categories:

Octbooberfest Champion – Last Tassler Standing

Best Technique – the contestant that impresses the judges the most with physical skills

Best Costume – the contestant with the most extravagant and elaborate costume

The competition works as following: the contestant’s start tasseling together on stage at Nalen. At least one tassel needs to be up in the air twirling at all times. When both your tassels drop you will be asked by our floor judges to leave the stage.

In the end there will only be one tassler left standing and that is our winner and this years Octbooberfest Champion!

To make it harder for the contestant’s there will be commandos you have to follow during the competition: tassel on one leg, arm up, other arm up, tassel down on the floor etc.

This is a super fun and silly part of the festival that the audience and performers absolutely love. We encourage drama, (fake) tears and overly extravagant sport feelings. This is a SHOW!
Our celebrity judges will be looking at tassling skills and costumes but can also be flirted with and anything goes except physically disrupting for another contestant. Tassels can be put on all parts of your body, but if there is tassels on/in your hands – you also need to have other tassels. (Because it is much easier to tassel with your hand!)

The actual competition has lasted 6 minutes  to 16 (!), and ones participation on stage can last a couple of minutes, or all the way (if you are winning).
The whole segment with presentation, judging, crowning a winner etc takes around 30 minutes.

Prizes are eternal glory, sashes, tiara and trophies plus gift bags with fun stuff from our Octbooberfest sponsors.

What we offer / need from the participants

The Octbooberfest segment is free to participate in, but you need to sign up, limited slots.

You get a free ticket to the Stockholm Burlesque Festival Saturday night show on October 1. But we can’t offer any guest list spots. You have access to the dressing room and back stage one hour before the show, and half an hour after. 

The Octbooberfest segment is a fun and light hearted charity event, it does not pay.

The three winners gets a goodie bag with donated prizes from our Sponsors plus a silly trophy. The Champion also get a little sash and crown.

We need (performer) name and one image from each participants, so we can promote your participation in the show.