Our incredible line-up for the 9th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Zelia Rose (aus)


2019’s #1 burlesque performer of the top 50 worldwide (21st Century burlesque) was awarded to Zelia Rose, a well recognised leader & visionary in the burlesque, cabaret and drag world.  From working alongside Dita Von Teese, and touring the world as a solo artist Zelia has established herself as Australia’s most in demand showgirl.
“Rose steals the stage” as written by The Age news paper, and this illustrious talent has graced many from theatres, festivals and productions worldwide. In 2015 she won “Best Debut” in the reputable Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas to a standing ovation. She is also the title holder of Miss Burlesque Australia 2014. Her extensive skill in Dance & Vocals and choreography compliment her big stage persona and repertoire of highly conceptual acts that are sexy, dynamic and truely compelling.


Paris Original (us)

Mod C Gas Works 54

A professional dancer, Paris Original is poetry in motion and
exudes the graceful elegance of balletic beauty. Paris calls on his
experience in dance and theatre to craft his unique style of
burlesque. Possessing a statuesque aesthetic, he captivates, inspires,
and wins the hearts of audiences everywhere. Paris is a founding
member of Mod Carousel, and a three-time Burlesque Hall of Fame award

Image: WittyPixel Photography

Miss Kiki Deville (uk)


One of the most recognisable faces of the UK and European scene, award winning International Cabaret and Burlesque star Kiki DeVille brings a magic to the stage matched by few others.
A master of audience engagement, a night with Kiki promises to bring laughter, wonder and light. With a voice as big as her bustline, her repertoire and delivery of songs will leave you covered in goosebumps!
She enters the stage an enigma, and leaves as your new best friend, with a trail of glitter in her wake.

Image: Neil Kendall

Miss Botero (fr)


Hysterical monument of European and French burlesque since the early 80s, she is one of the pioneers of the renewal of our art in France, when the word burlesque was almost an insult after two world wars had destroyed this art to make more space for others. She toured worldwide or almost, advocating for the all-differences-acceptance, as burlesque was intended and created for at first. She has a brain, it’s loaded, and she is not afraid of using it…

Image: John-Paul Bichard

The Incredible, Edible, Akynos (us)


Award Winning international burlesque performer and sex worker activist. From Brooklyn, NY, performering since 2007. Lip Sync Queen, they call her “The Beast of Burlesque”

Image: Bettina May

Arden Delacour (ger)


Arden Delacour is an international burlesque sensation from Berlin. She exudes sensuality
in her sultry, but highly glamorous routines and captivates her audience with her stage
presence, larger-than-life energy and intense glances. Having a professional background
in dance, Arden has strength and grace in every inch of her body and you can see this in
each elegant move she makes.

Image: Elena Gerber

Armi von Vep (fin)


Armi Von Vep is no stranger to the extra-ordinary: her burlesque is intuitive,
surreal and thought-provoking, inspired by a fascination for the
performative and fine arts. Von Vep’s absurd stage-imagery combines
authentic presence, humour and high-energy action with recurring concepts
such as “female grotesque” and parturition.

Image: Laura Reunanen

Miss Behave (bel)


Miss Behave is the Pinup powerhouse from Belgium. Queen of the Rome burlesque festival , performer at the best of burlesque in Edinburgh, she has performed in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Croatia, Malta, Las Vegas, Montreal and taught all over the globe. This lady is ready to rip your heart out.

Bettie Blackheart & Veda Decandenza (fin)


Bettie Blackheart, performer, producer, visual artist, has brought burlesque to the Finnish audiences since 2007. Sanctioned as Queen of the Firetassels by Burlesque Legend Satan’s Angel. Her style range is wide and she likes to explore the limits of how a woman is expected to present herself. The narrative takes the viewer from Hollywood classics to Viking sagas where fire and ice meet.
Veda DeCadenza is a delightfully decadent mixture of a dark seductress and a voluptuous vintage vixen. For the past four years this Helsinki-based artist has entertained audiences in numerous burlesque shows and festivals all over Europe with her classic yet playful acts, which celebrate body positivity and sensuality.

Betty Fvck (fin)

Betty Fvck_ Photographer Neil Kendall

Betty is a classy show girl but Fvck is very edgy; Betty Fvck is an intriguing, boundary breaking Drag Burlesque artist. She has performed in 10 countries in the last 2 years with a mission of promoting the beauty of burlesque, the diversity of culture and the art of drag on the stage worldwide. Through her show, you will find liberation of gender, and positivity in terms of body and sex.

Image: Neil Kendall

Miss Chrissy Kiss (est)


Miss Chrissy Kiss – one of the very first and currently the longest performing burlesque
performer from Estonia. Her repertoire features luxurious classic strip-n-tease pieces but also
a pinch of nightmarishly dark neo-burlesque. Intimidating, powerful and playful all in one.

Image: Siiri Kumari

Diva Desaster (ger)

Diva Desaster by maria s varela

Diva Desaster is a southern German based Burlesque
performer and founding member of „The Filly Follies“, specialising in Neo- Classical performances

Image: Maria s Varela

Fifi von Tassel (nor)


Fifi von Tassel is an international award winning performer from Norway. She can best
described as a political happy pill wearing a thong, and he is ready to make you love your
selves one curve at the time!

Image: Neil Kendall

Fräulein Frauke (swe)


Fräulein Frauke – radical, glittering showgirl – is Sweden’s biggest burlesque export, travelling the world with her unique, cheeky and glamorous take on classic burlesque!
Renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Broadway and the decadence of the early twentieth century.

Image: Vs Anchor Studio

Hedda (fin)


Hedda is a professional circus artist drawing inspiration from dark north and social justice. With a
passionate love towards different styles of performing she has stumbled around in contemporary
dance, immersive performance art, burlesque and, of course, contemporary circus


Ivoncita (swe)


Ivoncita is one of Sweden’s premier burlesque and drag king artists! In the form of different characters and styles, she plays with stereotypes and symbols that awaken both joy and heat and shivers down the spine. She is characterized by her presence, energy and dance and always invites the audience in a personal and humorous perspective on classic burlesque. Since her inception in Paris 2009, she has delighted her audience around the world with her rhythm, imagination and charisma. Get ready for a colourful joy pill!

Image: Calle Elf

KHURI (cub/us)


Khuri is a fashion queen… My music as Khuri, which I perform
and produce, is based on the power of female seduction. I see my self as “The priestess”
That’s what the name means. I will initiate you into my ritual of seduction through my
voice and my presence.


Lou Safire (uk)

lou safire- photgraphy- cherry bomb rock

Hold on to your handbags and husbands! Born somewhere between London and hell, international multi award winning Lou Safire may cause nausea or short range radio interference!

Image: Cherry Bomb Rock

Lucy Lovegun (aus)

Lucy Lovegun_Nicola Macri

She’s   a   ham   and   cheese   sandwich   with   a   whole   lot   of   spicy   mustard!   A
dangerously   kooky   mix   of   Lucille   Ball   and   Pat   Benatar,   Lucy   most   recently
returned   from   touring   the   country   as   national   headliner   for   the   Australian
Burlesque  Festival.

Image: Nicola Macri

Majo Cázares (mex)


Trained as both dancer and acrobat, Majo mixes acrobatics, dance, contortion and handbalancing to create her signature
floor work style. Along with her circus career, she has in recent years given in to her life-long love of fantasie noire and
currently works as a resident performer at Cabaret Mademoiselle in Brussels.

Image: Silk Créa

Mariposa Bop (uk)

Mariposa Bop Delirium - Vs Anchor Studio 2019

Bringing character narratives to life through neo-burlesque, Mariposa Bop is a weird and wonderful force of nature. Producer, performer and clown, equally comedic and horrifying, ‘Bop’ has wowed audiences across the UK, Europe and beyond since 2014. Producer of the critically acclaimed The Apothecary Cabaret in London.

Image: V’s Anchor Studio

Miss Mouse (swe)

Miss Mouse 1 - pic Hanna Isaksson

Miss Mouse – the Ferocious Femme Fatale. With hair as flowing as a dark deadly sea into which ships are pulled to their doom. Her burlesque career started in the city of dreams – New York. Now she’s tasseled herself over the ocean to become last
year’s Tassel Twirling Queen at Stockholm Burlesque Festival and she’s only getting started! She explores the darker side of life and she takes no prisoners while doing so.

Image: Hanna Isaksson

Misty Lotus (swiss)

Lucie Kout - Misty Lotus 1

Misty Lotus is an exciting and thrilling burlesque and fire Indo-Swiss artist. She performs acts
with luscious costumes and high value of entertainment.
Her sultry and mystical performances, range from a fierce bump and grind to a dynamic fire
show as she marvels her audience with riveting portrayals of enchanting characters.

Image: Lucie Kout

Nino Barbier (mex)

Nino Barbier

Born  in  Mexico,  studying  in  Barcelona.  Nino  had  the  impulse  to  take  his  music  and  dance  skills  to  the  boylesque  performance level.  Since  taking  this  decision,  Nino  made  his  debut  in  Barcelona  and
is  now  looking  for  further  experiences  in  Europe.

Rudy Jeevanjee (uk)

Rudy Jeevanjee_ Roxane Anderson 01

This newcomer has already firmly made their mark in the London cabaret scene in just
over a year from their debut with the Cocoa Butter Club. And has gone on to be crowned
Legend in the Making 2019 at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival UK.

Image: Roxane Anderson

Salty Punch (swe)


Inspired by fairytale creatures, enchanted beings and nature herself Salty Punch pulls you
in to a fantasy of living works of art and beauty. She is the founder of Shimmy Galore School
of Burlesque, a producer and choreographer of her own shows.

Image: Morfei Photo

Savage Rose (uk)


Savage Rose is THE subversive showgirl. She never steps onto stage without something to say. So prick up your ears and listen.

Image: The Other Richard

Seedy Frills (uk)

The Race- Seedy Frills by Neil Kendall

The brilliantly bonkers, Seedy Frills, with her delicious cheesecake comedy is guaranteed to playfully tease as well as tickle. Mixing inspirations from yesteryear’s silver screen stars and British ‘Carry On’ humour, it is hard not to love Seedy’s animated facial expressions and mischievous antics. High spirited, cheeky and chucklesome performances, Seedy Frills will have you grinning from ear to ear. Winner of ‘Spare Rib Superstar’ 2016, Audience Choice Winner of ‘Legend in the Making’ at the ‘Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival’ and a ‘Burlesque Idol UK’ Finalist.

Image: Neil Kendall

Seymour Bottoms (swe/can)

Seymour Bottoms - Bylinasphotography#2

Seymour Bottoms (the Butt of every joke) Clown Club Kid Extraordinaire! He takes male burlesque, adds a pinch of drag and mixes it with comedic theatrics, blazing with high energy! He is sure to leave you a little hot and alot bothered!

Image: By Linas Photography

Stockholm Higheelers (swe)


Stockholm Higheelers is a company with a niche in Old Hollywood style Jazz dance. The creators, Karin Ålemark and Malin Emmoth are former dancers at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Stockholm Higheelers hot step the showgirl tradition, with their roots in another era, updated for today’s audience.

Image: Johannes Hjort

Teresa Rugo (mex)

Teresa Rugo_Torz Rovers

I have been performing as a burlesque performer since 2013. Nonetheless, I have been working in theater since 2009 as a master puppeteer, producer and actress in Mexico. I have a bachelor degree in theater from the University of Veracruz. I specialize in new burlesque. Coming from Mexico, a country with a macho culture and where women are underestimated, I created a style of burlesque that aims to empower women and fight for their rights. For that, every one of my burlesque performances has a story to tell to the public. In 2015 I left Mexico and
moved to Paris, and since then I have performed in many Burlesque clubs.

Image: Torz Rovers

Viola Panik & Mr Punch (it/ven)


We are a Venezuelan duo full of stamina, cheekyness and creativity. We have one
mission: make the audience thrilled with joy!
We combine Burlesque with swing dancing, boogie woogie and charleston to get a
cocktail of sensuality, retro style and irony.

Image: Grabriele Berti

Zizi Zinnona (nl)


Zizi is a burlesque artist based in the Netherlands. Her performances are characterized by her keen sense of humor, dramatic flair,
unconventional music choices and voluptuous body. Her custom blend of politics and playfulness, feminism and froufrou, comedy and curves makes her one of the Netherlands’ most beloved new performers.

Image: Stecor Photography

Proudly produced by
Fräulein Frauke & John-Paul Bichard