August 27, 2013

Octbooberfest winner – Kitty Sincane

The festival and Octbooberfest is fast approaching and we had a little talk with last years winner…

Swedish burlesque performer Kitty Sincane who won the title “Tassel Twirl Champion 2012”


Hi Kitty, you won the prestigious title “Octbooberfest Champion 2012”, how was it to be part of the competition?

It was amazing, but at the same time I was kinda nervous. Partly because of the competition and partly because I knew I’d be sharing the stage with a lot of other very talented people.

Had you done a lot of training before hand, do you have a personal tasseling record that you timed?

I didn’t train much, my boobs are naturals when it comes to twirling. And I’ve never timed myself, but I must say that the competition was a little bit of a challenge. After a few minutes of tasseling my boobs kinda start to hurt a bit…

Were you surprised that you won?

A little bit, but mostly happy. Actually so happy that I just jumped up and down. I think John Paul caught a pic of me doing that, it looks like I’m flying, haha.


You will be there this year, handing out the tiara, do you have any tips for this years contestants?

Find one technique that works for you, and that you feel certain you can keep up for several minutes, and stick to that one. Have confidence, you can do more than you think! Oh, and also, practice tasseling in every position you can think of. Like all the positions of the Kama Sutra. 😉

Thank you Kitty! You will also be part of performing in this years festival and be there for the whole weekend, what is it that you look most forward to?

Wow, do I really have to choose?!? I’m looking forward to all of it; the ambiance, the networking, seeing all the other performers, the partying, performing myself, and of course, watching the girls from my troupe, The Royal Roses, perform at SBF for the first time!


To see more about Kitty, check out her website

Octbooberfest is not only a fun, sparkling and somewhat silly competition, it is also a cancer research benefit during the whole of October to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Octbooberfest was initiated by Stockholm Burlesque Festival initiator and The Amazing Knicker Kittens troupe founder: Duchess Dubois back in 2009. It is a fun and wonderful way for the Swedish and international burlesque scene to do something for a good and important call! And the competition has grown accordingly.


Duchess Dubois in tassling action

To learn more about Duchess Dubois and her Amazing Knicker Kittens, check out her website

All photos by John-Paul Bichard