The Stockholm Burlesque Festival is proud to be able to offer two unique workshops on Saturday October 13, at the venue Nalen by our headliners Sweetpea and Chris Oh! It is also possible to get private classes.

Shimmy It, Quake It, MAKE IT BOUNCE! with Sweetpea

Wiggle Workshop & Workout – Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74. 12.30-14.00, 300 SEK


You’ve seen them in videos, on the stage, and out on the dance floor: People of all shapes, sizes, and genders astoundingly swivel, jiggle, toss, and twerk their front-sides & backsides about.  It’s time for you to join in the fun! We’ll warm up, get a little stretch in, and then you’ll learn a few foundations, isolations, and basic techniques to get your own body bouncing – for the burlesque stage or the dance floor!   

Methodology: 15 minute warmup, and then each 5-7 minute segment of the next 50 minutes gives examples and drills for different moves to be repeated and integrated into the student’s movement vocabulary.  Tips and tricks for transitions are given provided to move from standing to the floor. Last 10 minutes are a cool down/stretch

Objective: This class will teach every student how to awaken and  utilize the pelvic tilt along with foot and knee utilization as the foundation for all booty popping and body rocking, and will leave class with at least 3 new was to wiggle their body.

Workshop Length: 1.5 Hour
Level: ALL
Bring: Water, towel
Wear: Comfortable clothing you feel sexy in and your booty can be free in!  Booty shorts of all flavors, sweats with great movement, etc. (Restrictive/overly supportive yoga pants not recommended)

 Developing characters in Neo Burlesque, the dancer’s way – with Chris Oh!
 Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74. 14.30-16.00, 300 SEK

Chris Oh! master of the hundred yard stare, and watermelon smashing thighs is proud to present a dance class like no other. A neo burlesque dance class with a focus on character development within the scope of dance movement.

What to expect? The class will start with a series of warmups, body isolations, light stretching, and generic movements that will become the focus of our dance. Added to this will be a sprinkling of acting exercises to bring out the inner personas and to cast off the shyness and self doubts. Thereafter we combine the two to create choreographies expressing different demeanours, tempers and emotions. After we’ve satisfied the performance monsters within us all, we follow with light stretches and a debrief.

Who can do it? Absolutely anyone. No dance knowledge is required. Whilst I will teach you some dance moves and choreography it is not the focus of this class. Your face, attitude and energy are exactly what I want!

What to bring: Comfy stretchy clothes. A towel. A water bottle. And a notepad. (Non marking heels are optional. Chris usually dances in his socks.)

To sign up for both the workshops: email

Payment is cash on the door. 

We also offer PRIVATE LESSONS – please email for enquiries.