Tassel Twirling Championship and breast cancer research benefit!

Supporter info

Octbooberfest is a light-hearted competition and charity gala event, in the best “sport” there is: tasseling! It is part of the stage art festival: The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival. Along with the gala segment on the event on Saturday October 14, it is also a month long campaign raising money for the Pink Ribbon organisation with raffles, online collections and donations.


Stockholm Burlesque Festival, produced by Fräulein Frauke and John-Paul Bichard, is very proud to host and include the gala segment Octbooberfest in the festival each year: a great way for us to support such an important cause, putting focus on one of the burlesque worlds favorite things – yes boobs! – and attaching something fun with a serious touch to our event.

Each year we try to collect as much money as possible to the campaign in our name and usually it becomes around 10,000 SEK.

Our main income comes from our festival raffle, where audience members buy tickets for the chance to win fabulous prizes. All prizes are donated from fantastic shops, designers, small businesses and friends of the burlesque scene.

Since the segment also is a fun, silly and light hearted competition in the burlesque related “sport” tasseltwirling (to twirl your breast tassels) we also need smaller prizes to the winners gift baskets.

What you get as a supporter

All supporters will get exposure from us at Stockholm Burlesque Festival. Both prior to the event online in all our social media circuits (fb, instagram, website etc) and on our web site during the festival, as well as afterwards.

We create individual posts for each supporter and a poster with all the supporters brands on it that we include both online and in the venue for both nights festival, where also your brand will be featured on screens. The supporters will also be mentioned on stage when the raffle drawing is happening, showing off the products and mentioning the brand.

In addition, there is the fuzzy feeling and kind gesture of helping the cancer fund through donations!


What we are looking for

We are looking for bigger prizes for our raffle winners and smaller prizes that can fill our six gift baskets.

The baskets go to the three winners and the three celebrity jury members.

“Big” prizes usually consists of something substantial, a gift card for a valuable item in your shop, or hats, clothing, tickets to theatre, big books, high quality tassels etc. The smaller gift basket prizes are often jewellery, smaller accessories, magazines, books, tassels and so forth.

For the smaller prizes, at least 6 gifts need to be donated, and your brand will be featured on the Octbooberfest gala during Saturday nights show. For the bigger prizes can you either choose to donate one, and it will be given out one of the nights, or two, and you will be featured on stage both night. Of course you can also choose to give more.

A bit more about Octbooberfest

Octbooberfest was initiated by founder Duchess in 2008 and have been part of the Stockholm Burlesque Festival since 2010.

Both performers and civilians are encouraged to participate, and the competition is one of the audience’s favourite parts of the weekend long festival. Prizes are given out in three categories, the Champion, ie the last tassler standing, with a least one tassel up in the air at all times, Best Costume, because this is a SHOW and we want to encourage as much glamour as possible and Best Technique, for all tasslers with extra skills.

It is usually a fun balance in the competition with performers in the festival, other Swedish performers and fans and audience members who challenges the stars.

Tassels have been put on all parts of the competitors body and yes, both male and females are encouraged to join.


The Stockholm Burlesque Festival

SBF is one of Europe’s biggest burlesque events with an average audience of 1100 guests over the weekend. This year featuring 34 acts from 14 different countries in a big variation of different facets of this creative stage art form.


To support SBF in our efforts to collect money to the Breast Cancer Fund, please email frauke@frauleinfrauke.com with what you want to donate and we take it from there. Also get in touch if you have any questions!

Www.stockholmburlesquefestival.com / Fräulein Frauke – 0046 (0) 708605057