Q & A

Q & A Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Why should I apply to the Stockholm Burlesque Festival?

SBF is one of Europe’s biggest and longest running burlesque festivals. We have brought together amazing performers from all over the globe to our gorgeous city, venues and, above all, our absolutely fantastic audience!

We pride ourselves on having a non-competitive, inclusive and supportive atmosphere, with as many different types and flavours of burlesque as possible. The festival is a networking opportunity that we document carefully with great quality pictures and video. We offer a programme of workshops and informal meet and greets as well as our ‘famous’, casual and super cosy performer Sunday Brunch and the charity gala and light hearted tasseltwirl competition Octbooberfest.

You state that you can not take any glitter and confetti – why, and is it worth me trying to apply anyway with my glitter number?

Our Saturday venue Nalen does not allow glitter or confetti at all – the fine plastic gets into their lights, damaging them. Glitter is also very bad for the environment and our health, so we want to create a show without loose glitter being thrown around.

If you have a glitter act you want to apply with, please state clearly in the application if you are happy taking the glitter/confetti away, and/or if you are planning on using something else instead.

There is a specific type of glitter canon with larger, streaming confetti that both venues approve of, so ask us if that is an option for your act. Also, colour-fast flower petals and similar are alright.

Why does it cost to apply to your festival?

We take a small application fee (70 SEK / 7 euros) because we want everyone applying to be serious about wanting to take part in the festival. The fee ensures us that applicants have thought through their commitment, are serious about performing and have considered the costs involved with coming to our wonderful city.
We are aware that festivals are expensive but feel we offer a good opportunity to network with amazing performers, to see a broad cross section of styles and celebrate our form in amazing surroundings. All events are free to performers.

What acts are you looking for?

We are looking for well developed acts from as a wide style of burlesque, and related art forms, as possible! We plan the two nights to be of equal quality and ambition, so there is no “better” night, just two crazy, engaging and unforgettable experiences. We do love everything from classic and beautiful, to weird, crazy, political, satirical and scary. Show us what you do best, not what you think we will book.

How do you feel about inclusion vs racial appropriation?

This is a hard but important question. SBF is an inclusive space regardless of gender, culture or physicality. We work hard to promote under-represented groups so we will not book acts that undermine this. We are looking for as a diverse a line-up as possible, but also feel that acts that are ‘borrowing’ too much, and too clearly, from another culture, is problematic. Of course, this is sometimes a very fine line, but for example, we won’t book a caucasian artist performing a Geisha or Native American act and we will not show Blackface. We are open to discuss acts if you have any questions regarding this, and we also want to be very clear that this is an area that is difficult for all of us as we learn lessons and work to improve the way we work with influences and show sensitivity to other cultures.

How do you decide on who is going to headline? Can I apply for a headlining slot?

The SBF is a big and beautiful event and we are fortunate to have had absolutely amazing and well established performers apply over the years. We have only a few headlining spots that are by invitation only, and usually booked between 9 months to a year prior to the event.

I was performing at your festival last year – can I apply again?

We try to have a difference in line-up every year, so if you where part of the international line-up last year, then it is unlikely you will be accepted again this year. But we would be very happy to see you apply next, or up-coming years! We do love to see performers develop, and have accepted performers that have been on before, everyone gets the same chance of being accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to ask us! info@stockholmburlesquefestival.com