The Amazing line-up of the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2017:

Kitten’ n Lou (us)


Kitten´n Lou. Since joining forces as “The World’s Show-Busiest Couple” both on and offstage, Kitten N’
Lou have been crowned Reigning King of Boylesque (Lou) and Most Comedic at the 2014 Burlesque Hall of Fame, honored as 2014 Artists of the Year by City Arts Magazine, and funded with grants from such entities as 4Culture. Known for their signature brand of highly choreographed comedic camp extravaganzas, this brash and dazzling duo has seduced audiences across the globe, headlining festivals such as the Helsinki Burlesque Festival and
Viva Las Vegas. Voted the #1 Burlesque Duo in the World in 2015 (21st Century Burlesque)

Photo by Eli Schmidt

Chris Harder (us)


Chris Harder is a New York male burlesque performer, writer, and naked freelancer! Known as “The Raunchy Romeo of Burlesque”, Harder has toured his solo burlesque performances throughout the US and several times through Europe including shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and of course, Stockholm. Recently, Chris Harder was one of the American Headliners for the 2017 Helsinki Burlesque Festival and also a featured burlesque performer at the 2017 World Buskers Festival, New Zealand. Harder is also the writer and producer of the Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy series in New York City as well as the performer/playwright of his one-man show, #BigBrightStar.

Photo by John-Paul Bichard

Joe Black (uk)


Joe Black. Gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid tongued ringmaster. Living somewhere between the stages of music, theater and comedy, Joe Black takes an audience firmly by the hand and guides them into a place where the strange and unusual reign supreme.

Photo by Ayesha H

Affinity Starr (est)


Affinity Starr is a fire-hearted, fair-headed fierce vintage vixen, who started her burlesque journey in 2010. By losing herself into music, letting it guide her, while always maintaining a commanding grasp on her audience, she will dance straight into your hearts. In her acts she always likes to tease with a clue or two, leaving you begging for the solution.

Picture by Siiri Kumari

Agatha Frisky (aus)


International burlesque performer, teacher, and producer.
Born in Australia, forged in the fires of North America, and recently relocated to the United
Kingdom. Agatha Frisky is a performer, producer and teacher featured on stages and festivals
around the world.

Picture by: Dale Benvenuto

Bettsie Bon Bon (uk)

BettsieBonBon-Ayesha H

A performer of 10 years, Bettsie oozes sex appeal and confidence, starting out as a troupe performer she has now carved out a successful solo career. Voted into the top 20 Burlesque performers of the UK 3 years in a row. Voted Best British Performer 2016 by Burlesque Bible.

Picture by Ayesha H

Betty Fvck (fin)


Passion, Fashion, Burlesque -It’s Betty Fvck! Not only the body, the move, or the face, Betty serves every-thing and fulfils your deepest desire. Get over your sexual doubts! Betty is ready to take on the world and invade your bedroom.

Picture by RaKai Photography

Bobby Barnaby (us)

Bobby Barnaby_Steven Gregory

Bobby Barnaby. He’s a real handy dandy, and has appeared in over 20 Burlesque Festivals. A member SF Boylesque, the first all male neo-burlesque revue in the US, and a recent graduate of the Clown Conservatory, the first and most extensive Clown training program in America. He is The Shimmy Shocker!

Picture by Steven Gregory

Bunni Lambada (aus)

Bunni Lambada by Ashlee Savins Creative

Bunni Lambada is a tour de force in Australia’s neo-­burlesque scene and is one of Australia’s favorite showgirls. Bunni has dazzled audiences around Australia from coast to coast and all over the world, and is proud to represent Sydney’s fabulous burlesque community wherever she goes.

Picture by Ashlee Savins Creative

The Drama Kings (swe)


The Drama Kings. This is a duo that has performed together in different constellations and that have beenputting on humorous and well choreographed shows on many different stages around the world!

Picture by John-Paul Bichard

Charly Voodo (fr)


Charly Voodoo is a boylesque performer from Paris, France. He started in 2008, he was one of the first male in burlesque in France. He is also a cabaret singer and musician.

Photo by Valentin Perrin

Cherry Lyly Darling (fr)

boudoir relax

Cherry Lyly Darling, one of the most prominent figures in the French burlesque scene, started her career in 2007. She performs in the most famous places in Paris: L’Olympia, le Trianon, Le Bataclan, The Folies Pigalle, Bellevilloise, Divan du Monde… And also abroad: USA, England, Belgium, Germany, Canada…

Photo by Boudoir Relax

Coney Bow (fr)


All the way from France by way of New Zealand, Coney Bow is an all-around Dance Geek with a passion for vintage musicals. She has toured the world with her smooth as butter numbers and won the title of Supreme Grand Tease New Zealand 2016.

Picture by Miss T Pinups

Fanny di Favola (ger)


Seduction in perfection! Or indeed, perfect seduction! Fanny di Favola casts an alluring star spangled net of sensual magic over her audience in an instant with just one delightful step onto the stage. Whether in the role of the Glamour Girl with furtive and mischievous fantasies or as the devoted bride with that ‚Special-Touch‘

Picture by Neil Kendall

Fifi Fantome (can)


Fifi Fantôme, has been an entertainer practically from birth. From fire dancing to aerial hoop to clown to burlesque, she dabbles in a myriad of disciplines. Fifi Fantôme is an international artist who has performed across Canada, as well as in Morocco, France, Denmark and Germany in circus and burlesque shows.

Picture by Frank Lam

Fräulein Frauke (swe)


Fräulein Frauke is one of Sweden’s top burlesque stars renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Broadway and the decadence of the early twentieth century.

Picture by Ayesha H

Gąsiu (pol)


Gąsiu – Young burlesque performer. He graduated National Theatre School in Poland on Dance Theatre Department. He started to do burlesque in 2016 in Bulgaria with Akadamus Dance Company, and now in Poland he is individual artist presenting his trashy and queery way of art.

Photo by AnnaWojtecka

Harley Queen (swe)


Funny? Freaky? Frabjous? The colorful carny is coming to town! As a dancer and performer Harley Queen is unpredictable (in the most charming way…).This time you’ll see a glimpse of her dark soul when she brings neo-burlesque dance moves and flirts with your inner nerd.

Picture by Andreas Gärdnert

Heidi Bitz (port)


Heidi Bitz is known as “The Girl With the Legs You Want Wrapped Around You”. Heidi
Bitz began her rise to burlesque stardom in San Diego, California. She currently lives,
teaches and performs with Lisbon Underground Burlesque in Lisbon, Portugal.

Photo by Vixen Photo

Knockout Noire (nor)


Norway’s sepia bombshell! This award winning international burlesque artist titillates audiences with her powerful combination of comedy, sexy and rawness. Erotic, exotic and oh so hypnotic, she’ll leave you begging for more! Knockout Noire draws her audiences in close enough to take a bite, so be careful with this one!

Picture by JIRINA

Les Autres (uk)

Les autres-Galactic carnival

Les Autres is a dynamic Acrobalance duo based in Glasgow. Having performed across the UK, they never fail to entertain.

Photo by Galactic carnival

Lipsie Lillies (ger)


The Lipsi Lillies are Simone de Boudoir, Mirielle Taútou, Roxie Heart & Mama Ulita. They
are Leipzigs Burlesque Pioneers and have been featured in TV Shows, on Radio and in
Magazines all over Germany. The Lipsi Lillies create unique Shows of exciting Variety,
mindblowing Originality and glittery Enter-Tease-ment!

Photo by Verena Gremmer

Lotta Love (slov)


Lotta Love is the founder of Bratislava Burlesque, the first Slovak burlesque movement. As
a performer she performed all across the Europe mostly at festivals and self produced
shows. Her biggest success is winning title Queen of Geneva Burlesque Festival, also an
award for the most innovative act at Milan Extraordinaire Festival. She is an activist and a true revolutionist.

Photo by Nicole Lieskovská

Mama Ulita (ger)


Mama Ulita, Pastie Pioneer from Germany, Showgirl of the Lipsi Lillies Troupé and Enter-
Tease-ment Lover! Making People Smile is her Credo and she is the first German
Burlesque Dancer who performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, she is
Germanys Queen of Firetassels sanctued by Satans Angel.

Photo by Verena Gremmer

Märit (swe)

Märit_Sara Ängfors

Märit is a fierce femme from Stockholm with an attitude as spectacular as her curves. Her style of burlesque is far from subtle and she has a love for overly complicated panties. With her irresistible.

Photo by Sara Ängfors

Miss Rita Regrets (swe)


Miss Rita Regrets, the femme fatale originating from the swing
ballrooms. Let her seduce you with sublime dance and blues moves. Because regrets are for
tomorrow… she will remind you to forget your troubles tonight.

Photo by Fredrik Dahlberg

Sucre d’Orge (fr)


Dazzling, graceful and seductive, Sucre d’Orge is a Parisian performer dancing in Europe and around the world for 8 years. Her acts evoke the charm of silent flms actresses, the moves of Broadway dancers and the graces of Parisian elegance. She makes a specialty of beautiful fan dances!

Photo by Fanfan Sigognac

Viola Panik & Mr Punch (ven)


Straight from the warm coasts of Venezuela, Viola Panìk and Mr.Punch have found the
perfect channel for their loony and versatile nature: Burlesque! In their acts
they love to represent cheeky and hot situations that tell the story of their spicy
adventures. Fun is the only thing that matters!

Photo by David Soyer

DJ: Damon Zurawsky


Photo by John-Paul Bichard

Produced by Fräulein Frauke & John-Paul Bichard