The incredible line-up of the 8th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2018:

Laurie Hagen (bel)

Ayesha Hussein

Laurie Hagen is an award-winning actor, dancer, clown, singer-songwriter, cabaret and burlesque firecracker. Laurie won Best Burlesque Act at the 2013 London Cabaret Awards and was nominated for Best Compere in 2012 and 2013. She is the proud owner of the 2013 Most Innovative Award from the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame competition, for her Reverse Striptease’.

Photo: Ayesha H

Sweetpea (us)

Sweetpea Red & Blue Dennis Driscoll

The Energizer Honey #22 in the Burlesque Top 50 2017, 21st Century Magazine
PRINCESS of BURLESQUE (1st Runner Up), Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, Tournament of Tease 2017. Sweetpea has been teasing her way into the hearts of audiences for over 13 years.  She’s been called a conductor of electricity, known for her fierce looks, high-powered choreography, stunning musicality, with the ability of her energy to charm any room and fill any stage.
Photo: Dennis Driscoll

Chris Oh! (nz)

Chris Bluebird-Amanda Billing

Chris Oh! is an experienced performer of many genres of dance and performance art. He is best known for his appearance on New Zealand’s Got Talent 2012 as the ballet boy en pointe. Just won the award “Most Dazzling Dancer” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018.
Photo: Amanda Billing

Rubyyy Jones (uk)


Rubyyy Jones is the UK’s Queen of Queerlesque and a glittering force of nature! Originally from Canada, calling London home for the last decade, Rubyyy has been performing all over the burlesque world for the last seven years. Making her debut at the legendary London event ‘Tournament of Tease’ performing with Dirty Martini, Rubyyy has continued to star and strip on some of the UK’s and the burly world’s most noted burlesque events: Burlesque Hall of Fame and Winner of Most Innovative 2017!
Photo: Eivin Hansen

Asha Jones (swiss)

Asha Jones - JOP Photography

Asha Jones is glamour, sexy, crazy. This Burlesque Rising Star blows audiences away with her energy and moves… Burlesque Artist, Pin-Up Addict & SuperWoman, her Nickname is “The Black Tornado”. She loves to create an electric Atmosphere of a Sexy Diva and femme fatale around her.
Photo: JOP Photography

Aurora Nova (aus)


Professional contemporary dancer by day, Aurora Nova is an award-winning international burlesque performer that has graced the stages throughout New Zealand, Australia, UK and Europe. Dubbed “the Future of Burlesque” by Medianoche (Miss Exotic World 2017), it is without a doubt that Aurora’s stunningly conceptual and dynamic routines will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
Photo: VSAnchor Studio

Blanche de Moscou (rus)


A rising star of Russian burlesque. Co-founder and co-producer of the first regular classic burlesque show in Moscow “Ladies of Burlesque”. Co-creator and co-producer of the Kinky Corporation, a new-generation event agency producing event promoting creative sexuality and freedom. Her performance style is “kinky burlesque”.
Photo: Micha

Champagne Mademoiselle (fr)

david soyer copie

She could have become the most famous of elevator music of voices, most sparkling bubbles Champ ‘ Funniest of Angels or the brightest diam’s ornaments; Contoured calf by her high heels, the battery fully loaded sex and subtle blend of his little face would leave no cat stunned. Champagne Miss? Yes, with pleasure !!! I’m the manager of
Photo: David Soyer

Crocodile Lightning (thai)


The Enchantress of the East and the Scarlet Siren of Siam, Crocodile Lightning is a high-voltage temptress whose face tells tales and whose gaze electrifies you. With a blast of humor, a splash of sensuality, and a flash of naughtiness, she is here to captivate you with her dazzling performance.
Photo: Nightengale Photography

Diamond’s Dynamites (swe)


These sizzling, dazzling, tassel twirlers from Stockholm Sweden are pretty new to the Burlesque scene and have been dancing together from 2014 lead by the choreographer Miss Diamond. The troupe consists of 5 members who all would love to entertain you.
Photo: Malin Ehlin

Dr Dick and Yvette (swe)


Dr. Dick & Yvette are a Swedish burlesque duo consisting of “Yvette Les Fesses” and “Dr. Dick and the Organic Orchestra”. They mix classical tease and burlesque with a big dose of humour and dance joy.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Fanciforia Foxglove (nz)

Fanciforia Foxglove_ParadoxPhotography

An icon of the New Zealand burlesque industry, this born and raised showgirl packs a punch with every performance. Fizzing with more bubbles than champagne, more sparkles than the milky way, and more curves than a roller-coaster. Somehow she manages to cinch all that into one diminutive dynamo of razzle-dazzle.
Photo: Paradox Photography

Fräulein Frauke (swe)


Fräulein Frauke * the Saucy Songbird* is one of Sweden’s top burlesque stars renowned for her beautiful singing, extravagant and lavish costumes and intellectual creativity on stage. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Broadway and the decadence of the early twentieth century.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Gąsiu (pol)

Gąsiu_John Paul Bichard

Gąsiu – Polish Burlesque performer. Graduate of the national theatre school. In his acting and dancing career he performed on many stages around the world (Tel Aviv, New York, Weimar, Sofia…). His burlesque was started two years ago in Bulgaria with Akadamus Dance Theatre.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Gonzalo Mirabella (it)


Known as The Italian Matador, Gonzalo Mirabella is one of the few male italian Burlesque Dancer. Founder of Los Perros Cabaret, a regular all male show where the audience have to come naked, inspired by the first Almodovar. Gonzal signature is the italian attitude mixed with andalusian melancholy. The best way to please Gonzalo is yelling Olè when He steps on stage!

Harley Queen (swe)


Funny? Freaky? Frabjous? She has worked with many of Sweden’s rising burlesque stars and producers & is titled dance captain of Vaudevillains. As a performer Harley Queen is somehow unpredictable. Her tendency is to bring neo-burlesque dance moves, sparkly storms and an eye contact game that will send you shaking.
Photo: Robert Morfei

 Hasard Le Sin (fin)


Hasard le Sin demands your attention, defies gender expectations, celebrates desire and delights in denial to the point where he’s frequently not quite sure whether he’s teasing himself, the audience, or both. He also likes to pull things out of his ass, literally and metaphorically.
Photo: Asko Rantanen

Kirby Marzelle (fr)

Kirby Marzelle_Gwen Chopineau

Renown for her theatrical wiles and killer choreography, Kirby Marzelle is one the most versatile and sought-after performers in Paris and abroad. Her work is highly unique and eclectic with shows ranging from “the golden age of striptease” to theatrical performance art to vintage sideshow and everything in between!
Photo: Gwen Chopineau

La Big Bertha (fr)


Loïc discovers “theatre” in a local acting school. At 12, he’s hired in a theater company and travel throughout France with famous plays and musicals. While taking Jazz and tap dance lessons, his character grows. “La Big Bertha” represents the coming together of all his beloved arts to become a Draglesque performer: comedy, burlesque and drag queening.

Lady Rivet (swe)


Lady Rivet – ”The sassy show-off ” – from Northern Sweden does a lot of neo burlesque acts but loves the good ol’ vintage glamour and sees burlesque as a feminist statement. Her mix of dance skills, attitude and charm is sure to keep your attention riveted!
Photo: Fredrik Sellberg

Lisa Alisa (rus)


Started to dance at the age of 14. Since then I have always been improving everything I do on stage and trying to achieve new goals. Worcaholic, life lover and a person, who wants to give more beauty to the world!

Lolita VaVom (us/ger)


Classically trained as a modern, tap, and ballet dancer for fifteen years, Lolita decided to trade in her pointe shoes for pasties and hit the road! Originally from California by way of Seattle, Lolita now calls Berlin home. She mixes her dance background with pop culture and rock n’ roll to create an exciting experience for audiences. Let Lolita entice, excite, and thrill you!
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Minouche von Marabou (swiss)


Switzerland’s most eclectic ecdysiast celebrated her debut back in 2011. Born to intoxicate, she captivates audiences all around the world with her mesmerizing charisma, breathtakingly detailed costumes and allegoric performances. Her seductive and subtle illusions full of spell-binding erotism and female sensuality leave you gasping and wanting for more!
Photo: Vital Stoll

MisSa Blue (uk/ger)

MisSa BlueAyesha Hussain

The Burlesque starlet and out lesbian MisSa Blue has gained international recognition through her highly skilled Sword Swallowing performances. MisSa Blue has developed an active voice globally supporting black Performance Art and is now pioneering in the Burlesque world with her invitation to perform at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas! MisSa Blue, a true Artist at heart who’s gone the extra mile that black females in show business are facing to conquer it’s institutional racism to build a successful career!
Photo: Ayesha H

Philou & MamZelle Viviane (fr)

Philou&viviane_kalymar RSZ

With Philou, One of the best tap dancer in the world, his cheerfulness is communicative ! With MamZelle Viviane they form a sparkling, offbeat and astonishing duo On this occasion be ready to swirl with him and MamZelle Viviane on a humoristique french swing, When Viviane comes to dance while Philou comes to flirt, the meeting promises some surprises Prepare for battle or… fireworks…
Photo: Kalymar RSZ

Queenie O´Heart (us)


Queenie O’Hart has been bringing “Muscial Theatre With Tits” to burlesque stages across the US since 2012. Ms. O’Hart performed regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest until late 2014. By 2015 she was a proud troupe member of Bella Blue’s Foxglove Revue, shedding her clothes and belting her tunes around New Orleans.
Photo: Meneldor Photography

Scarlet Blixen (dk)


A deceivingly cute smile, dirty moves and an even dirtier mind. Scarlet Blixen is a femme fatale disguised as a showgirl, serving elegance and  glamour mixed with raw untamed desire.
Photo: Henrik Delfer

Seymour Bottoms (can)

Seymour green beard

Seymour Bottoms is a boylesque artist who started his journey in the night club scene performing in both Europe and North America. He takes male burlesque, adds a pinch of drag and mixes it with comedic theatrics blazing with high energy, he is sure to leave you a little hot and a little bothered.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Sina King (aus)

vicky papas photographer_sinaking_sinarella

Australian Burlesque Royalty, The SloMo Showgirl, and the Queen of Cheeky Glamour…. In 2011, she won ‘Miss Burlesque Australia’ in 2015 competed for ‘Queen of Burlesque’ at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. She has headlined shows in cities across 5 continents. Recently voted in the ‘World’s Most Influential Figures of 2017’. Off stage, she’s an international muse model, Very Creative Director, stage show producer, designer, mentor, and inventor of the ‘King Size Boa’. Ladies and Gentlemen…
’The Royal Captivator’, Miss Sina King
Photo: Vicky Papas Photographer

Valentino De Labaise (it)


Originally I was a drama actor, studying at the dramatic art academy in Rome. I have always worked with the spoken word but then I moved to France. And what could I do, used to working with speech, in a foreign country, unable to speak the language ? The only thing I could do was to stop speaking … and so I did . So now I am here, with my body as the only form of communication, absorbed in a gothic universe, made of emotions and suggestions.
Photo: Alain Valeau

Velvet Vixen (swe)


We are the smooth velvet vixens and we’re here to take you on a trip. Miss Tender Lumpling will guide you gently, Ivory kitten will charm you to purrfection, Lady Mi-nue will cast a spell on you and Mystique Luna will bring you satisfaction.
Photo: Nouna Andersson

Vivianne Dellamore (swiss/fr)


Vivianne Dellamore, from France and based in Switerland performed all over Europe. She uses surrealistic stories to create tension with the audience while she moves and strips. Her multiple talents are revealed in the absurdity, sexuality and violence she expresses in each of her acts. Winner of the 2016 Geneva Burlesque Festival Swiss Talent, her burlesque is definitively unique, impressive, and Rock’n’Roll
Photo: David Soyer

Winnie Pelteez (bel)


I am a former actress, model, pole dancer and burlesque performer from Brussels. My acts are sexy, surprising, unique stories. I like to transform myself and look completely different, interact with the audience and make them laugh and smile while thinking to themselves : “This girl is sassy !”.
Photo: Neil Kendall

Produced by Dynamic Duo
Fräulein Frauke & John-Paul Bichard (swe/uk)


Performer, producer and singer Fräulein Frauke joined forces with British artist and photographer in 2010 and have since then created some of Europe’s biggest burlesque and cabaret events together. The SBF has been produced by the married power couple since 2012 and continues to wow audiences and performers from all over the world.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard / Bichard Studios