Octbooberfest” -Tassel Twirling Championship and breast cancer research benefit!

*** Part of the Saturday show on October 12 2024! ***

Octbooberfest is a a lighthearted competition in the best “sport” there is: tasseling! As well as being our very own charity gala, collecting money for the Pink Ribbon campaign all throughout October with raffles, online collections and donations.

The competition and gala segment of the festival will be held on October 12th at 21.00 at Nalen.

DONATE to the collection here: cancerfonden.se

Prizes will be given out in three categories: Octbooberfest Champion – last Tassler Standing, Best Technique and Best Costume.

Lovely prizes from our fantastic sponsors and eternal glory awaits you!

Want to SUPPORT our charity work with money or prizes to our winners and our gorgeous sponsors? Contact us now!

THANK YOU to all our previous raffle supporters and contestants 2022: 


Previous winners:

Champion 2023: Empress Emeralnd (SE)

Best Technique: Donna Poderosa (UK)

Best Costume: Fifi Fever (Se/FR)

Champion 2022: Shimmy LaRoux (US)

Best Technique: Bunny Bordeaux

Best Costume: Yvette Les Fesses

Champion 2019: Lucy Lovegun (aus)

Best Technique: Armi von Vep (fin)

Best Costume: Märit

Champion 2018: Miss Mouse

Best Technique: Champagne Mademoiselle (fr)

Best Costume: Crocodile Lightning (thai)

Champion 2017: Loca Lamorous

Best Technique: Bunny Petits

Best Costume: Seymour Bottoms

Champion 2016: Lady Laverna (fin)

Best Technique: Lady Rivet

Best Costume: Fifi von Tassel (nor)

Champion 2015: Kitty Litteur (aus)

Best Technique: Lady Rivet

Best Costume: Minouche von Marabou (swiss)

Champion 2014: Judita Látigos (ven)

Best Technique: Judita Látigos (ven)

Best Costume: Tronicat La Miez (ger)

Champion 2013: Aurora Galore (uk)

Best Technique: Trixi Tassels (uk)

Best Costume: Lady RahRah

Champion 2012: Kitty Sincane

Best Technique: Lady RahRah

Best Costume: Wrong Note Rusty (can)

Champion 2011: –

Champion 2010: Duchess

Best Technique: Duchess

Best Costume:

Champion 2009: –

Champion 2008: Coco Berlin