Octbooberfest” -Tassel Twirling Championship and breast cancer research benefit!

Octbooberfest is a a light-hearted competition in the best “sport” there is: tasseling! As well as being our very own charity gala, collecting money for the Pink Ribbon campaign all throughout October with raffles, online collections and donations.

2015 was supported by some amazing sponsors and together we collected over 7000 SEK for the fund.


Big Thank You to:

Bichard Studios, Daisy Dapper, Kungliga Operan, Melt, Ruth-Hannah, Aphrodite Devine Tassel Shop & Sivletto

Winner and Champion of the competition is the “last tassler standing”, with at least one tassel up in the air at all times. Prizes will also be given out for Best Technique and Best Costume.

The 2015 Tassel Twirling Campion is Kitty Litteur from Australia

Best costume prize went to Minouche von Marabou (Swiss) – Best Technique prize went to Lady Rivet (Swe)!

Octbooberfest was held for the first time in 2008, when the title was won by Swedish burlesque performer Coco Berlin. In 2010 it was held again, and that time one of SBF’s producers, Duchess Dubois, took the title. In 2012 it was won by Swedish performer Kitty Sincane, in 2013 UK performer Aurora Galore and in 2105 it was Judita Látigos from Venezuela.

Awards are given to the champion, which is to say, the last tasseler standing, and also to the participant displaying the most impressive technique and the participant with the most impressive outfit. There will be trophies, glory and goodie bags for the winners, and the champion will receive a sash and tiara from the previous champion, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some real or fake pageant tears to make it perfect!

Both performers and civilians are encouraged to participate, there is no need to be a tassel-pro to attempt to win, remember, it is for a good cause!

To contribute to the Cancerfonden Rosabandet (Pink Ribbon) campaign – Our fund will start in October!