Octbooberfest” -Tassel Twirling Championship and breast cancer research benefit!

Octbooberfest is a a lighthearted competition in the best “sport” there is: tasseling! As well as being our very own charity gala, collecting money for the Pink Ribbon campaign all throughout October with raffles, online collections and donations.

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The competition and gala segment of the festival will be held on October 14th at 21.00 at Nalen.

2017’s raffle supporters and contestants 


Awards are given to the champion, which is to say, the last tasseler standing, and also to the participant displaying the most impressive technique and the participant with the most impressive outfit. There will be trophies, glory and goodie bags for the winners, and the champion will receive a sash and tiara from the previous champion, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some real or fake pageant tears to make it perfect!

The gala and competition is one of the most fun parts of the weekend long festival, so don’t miss it!

Octbooberfest was initiated by founder Duchess in 2008 and have been part of the Stockholm Burlesque Festival since 2010. Last year the collection brought in almost 10,000 SEK to the Pink Ribbon campaign!

We could not do this without our sponsors, and would like to thank last years sponsors: #STHLMDollsBichard Studios, Burlesk.se, BurleskakademienBurlesque Bible, Daisy Dapper, Eleonoras Stockholm, Lady Francescca,  Red Generation.

Are you a company or designer and want’s to support Octbooberfest with your products for raffle winnings, prizes in the competition and for goodie bags? Contact frauke@frauleinfrauke.com To contribute to the Cancerfonden Rosabandet (Pink Ribbon) campaign – Our online collection fund will start in October!


There will be 12 contestants starting together on stage, to tassel, and the last tassler standing is our winner: the Champion! With “last tassler standing” we mean you need to have at least one tassel going around at all time. When your tassels drop, you will be out, and in the end there is only one winner!

To make things more difficult there will be challenges during the manic competition, the host will ask you to jump on one leg, tassel with your arms up, and to go down on your knees – all while still tassling!

There will also be winners of “Best Technique” and “Best Costume”, awarded by our celebrity judges.



Previous winners:

Champion 2016: Lady Laverna

Best Technique: Lady Rivet

Best Costume: Fifi von Tassel

Champion 2015: Kitty Litteur

Best Technique: Lady rivet

Best Costume: Minouche von Marabou

Champion 2014: Judita Látigos

Best Technique: Judita Látigos

Best Costume: Tronicat La Miez

Champion 2013: Aurora Galore

Best Technique: Trixi Tassels

Best Costume: Lady RahRah

Champion 2012: Kitty Sincane

Best Technique: Lady RahRah

Best Costume: Wrong Note Rusty

Champion 2011: –

Champion 2010: Duchess

Best Technique: Duchess

Best Costume:

Champion 2009: –

Champion 2008: Coco Berlin