Octbooberfest Championship and collection to the Swedish Breast Cancer Fund is supported by:

Pistill, FireBirdFusion, You Married a Witch, Beyond Retro, Mooness, Melt Bar, Drifter Design, SthlmDolls, L.C.Förlag, Silja Levander and Passion of Sweden together with Burlesquepodden.


Sugar Waters

Miss Winko

Lotta Love

Lady Rivet


Edie Vengeanze

Seymour Bottoms

John Celestus

Bunny Petits

Bobby Barnaby

Loca Lamorous

Coney Bow

Jury: instagram profile Fifi von Taine (Apan satt i granen) and burlesque superstars Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover!

Octbooberfest Tasseltwirl Championship at Nalen 21.00, October 14 – tickets HERE