October 2, 2013

Naim Josefi – Octbooberfest judge and amazing fashion designer

Our guest judge for the extravagant Octbooberfest Championship is not only a fantastic fashion designer, he is the winner of Sweden´s Project Runway and a fan of Dita von Teese…


Hi Naim Josefi, how does it feel to be part in judging the charity event “Octbooberfest”?

It feels fantastic! I am honored to be part in the team

Skärmavbild 2012-11-30 kl. 14.19.42

What is your relationship to burlesque?

When I think of burlesque the first thing/person that comes to my mind is Dita Von Tees, many years ago I designed a collection based on her as a fashion icon. For me she is not just an icon, she stands for power and femininity. In younger years I often went to Burlesque clubs with my friends.

Skärmavbild 2013-07-07 kl. 12.36.56

You won the Swedish “Project Runway”, but also the challenge of doing a burlesque costume, with Dita von Tease as a judge, how was that? And how was it to meet her?

It was quite unreal to see her in real life! I got starstruck when saw her walking in to the studio.
The feeling was amazing, I loved her warmth personality. She was so elegance and kind. The hole experience made it a little difficult to focus on my work 😉


You have a lot going on, tell us about you up-coming plans? What can we expect from Naim Josefi in the next year?

During this time I have been doing collaborations for big companies such as Ljungbergs Factory, Nelly and Lindex. Next year I am going to focus more on my own brand. I will work on new collections and shows. At the moment I am looking for investors for my company.

Check out Naim Josei´s webiste here