September 21, 2013

Live on stage! The Troubled Three…

On our Saturday Spectacular show, 5th of October at Nalen we will end it off big time with the fantastic band “The Troubled Three”…

The Troubled Three are a trio from Stockholm, Sweden that has successfully entered the rockabilly scene.


They do not play ordinary rockabilly tunes and perhaps that is the key to their popularity. The members all come from a background in rock music and they have played pop, punk and rock in a variety of bands. When they began to take interest in older music they didn’t listen to Elvis, but more to the roots of rock’n’roll music; rhythm & blues, jump blues, country and western swing. TTT’s stage show is a widely discussed issue. You never know who is balancing on which instrument, if drums will fly across the stage or if the members will show up in hula skirts. You can tell that TTT enjoy their time on stage.


TTT started playing together in 2009 and decided early that they wanted to get out in the world. They have done several tours in Sweden. During the spring of 2011 they participated in the TV program “Sweden’s got Talent” on national television in front of over one million viewers, and in 2012 they released their first record, followed by a European tour.

We could not be more thrilled to have them ending this years fabulous festival with their energy, great looks and amazing tunes!


Tickets can you find here:

Read more about The Troubled Three here