September 5, 2013

All about “Burleskloppis”!

Our festival day three will be fun and full of shopping, burlesque and mingle. We had a little chat with loppis producer Marika Smith

Pressbild Marika Smith

Hi Marika, initiator and producer of “Burleskloppis”, tell us a little bit about the concept and what people can expect?

The Burleskloppis is a market where people with a soft spot for vintage style, retro and burlesque fashion and lifestyle sell used clothes and accessories they no longer use straight from their closets to other vintage lovers. Over the years the concept has grown to become a meeting point for all kinds of people with a love for the glamour of foregone days, with burlesque shows every hour, vintage styling, professional photo booth, hand made jewellry, millinery, etc., contests and workshops. Although, the core of the Burleskloppis is still the bargains and we can almost guarantee that you can’t get this much nice stuff at these prices anywhere else in Sweden. Expect a full day of crowded, glittery, cheap fun!

This is it´s 6th version of it, how has it change since the beginning?

The first Burleskloppis was just eight vintage loving girs invited via Facebook to meet and exchange clothes, then they invited their friends and suddenly 4,000 people was invited… Each market has added something new, like the photo booth and fashion shows. This time, the ISBF offers private burlesque classes with international artist Minnie Tonka during the Burleskloppis, which is fabulous!

How did you end up producing burlesque events?

I’m a milliner who love vintage glamour, and I especially love to see other people dress up, be their most beautiful and glamorous selves and be proud of who they are. Sweden loves flea markets, but they are pretty much the same, you need to go through a lot of crap to find the gems. In my flea market, the sellers only bring stuff that are interesting to our audience. I love great concepts, and this one turned out to be a huge win-win for sellers and buyers, but also a great place for burlesque performers, vintage lovers and curious Swedes to meet and greet.

And lastly, what do you look forward to the most in this years festival?

I look forward to see the audience all dressed up and ready to shop till they drop! Ours is, by far, the most well dressed flea market goers in the world! I am also very happy to co-operate with the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival, it adds an extra drop of glitter to the event.






All pictures from previous Burleskloppis by John Paul Bichard

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